TDeL2 – Barnegat

Introducing the remarkable debut album, Barnegat, by Nebraskan resident, TDeL2 aka Tony de Luca. Featuring lush cinematic instrumentation, massive synth sounds, subtle guitars and understated vocals, the album deftly embraces electro pop, post-rock and ambient, marking the arrival of a promising new artist on the electronic scene.

Music has been coursing through Tony DeLuca’s veins since he was a young kid. His earliest memories of “playing” music include bopping out drum patterns on empty coffee tins at his Aunt’s house as a pre-schooler. He began piano lessons at age 5, but quickly lost interest in playing traditional and classical songs, preferring instead to play contemporary pieces by the Beatles, Elton John, and Billy Joel. The DeLuca household was a soundtrack for life, with music constantly singing through his parent’s record player. Whether it was Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Heart, Jackson Browne, Peter Frampton, Van Morrison, Al Jarreau, Steve Winwood, The Cars, The Supremes, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan or Andy Williams, there was always music in the home. Tony’s father gave him a Yamaha F-310 acoustic guitar for Christmas at age 10, and Tony began teaching himself how to play basic chords. This served as a springboard for becoming a multi-instrumentalist, eventually learning drums and bass as well.

While Tony continued to dabble in music until his early teens, he did not get serious about writing his own songs until he began college in Chicago, where he started assembling basic 8 track tunes produced on a Yamaha keyboard. However painfully bland and unpolished these songs were, they inspired Tony to begin writing music seriously.

After graduating from Loyola University Chicago, Tony set off to Omaha, Nebraska to start law school at Creighton University. In between attending classes and studying, he began writing songs in his tiny urban apartment with a Roland keyboard and a Squier Stratocaster. After receiving an audio interface as a gift from his girlfriend (now wife) Jacquie, Tony started creating more complex tracks utilizing both audio and midi and began experimenting with recording techniques.

Tony and Jacquie’s jobs took them to Springfield, Missouri after graduation. Living in a new city and not knowing many people left Tony with quite a bit of time to focus on his music production. It was during this time that several the songs on Tony’s forthcoming debut album were written, including the single, “Fearless Youth”. In addition to writing his own music, Tony played drums for the Springfield-based indie rock band Magnetic Memory, which played shows throughout Southwest Missouri.

The debut full-length album from TDeL2, “Barnegat”, will be released in early November on Monkey Records. Both the single and full length album were recorded, mixed, and produced by Tony in 2013 at his home studio and were mastered by Shawn Hatfield of Oakland, California-based Audible Oddities (Natasha Bedingfield, Shakira, Helios, ESKMO, Mike Taylor, The Innocence Mission). The album is heavily instrumental, with occasional lyrical interludes, and is influenced by a wide range of artists including Lusine, The Album Leaf, Emancipator, Miike Snow, Explosions in the Sky, The American Dollar, and Hammock.

Blog acclaim for first single Fearless Youth

“I can’t wait to see where TDeL2’s journey takes him.” Your Neon Heart

“You are transported over the rolling soundscapes of lush electro-indie into a warm fuzz of the last summer days. Your view is unobstructed for miles, there is hope after all, life is good. Smile.” Indie Dunes

“This guy’s music really stood out from the crowd.” Outersound Undergroud

“Think Royksopp duetting with Jose Gonzalez with some vocoder heavy but subdued vocals and a wistful, almost tender vibe and you’re pretty much there.” Listen with Monger

“The remarkable song Fearless Youth… it´s a don´t miss.” Kentucky Seven

“TDeL2, aka Tony DeLuca, has found a sound we can get behind with Fearless Youth. It’s lovely, enchanting, and just beautiful. “ My Noise Spinning