Rooms Delayed – Nothing Lighter

Rooms Delayed (aka Italian musician Vincenzo Nazzaro) draws trajectories exploring the deepest folds of the soul through merging sounds that fade into one another. The poetic melodies and captivating sense of melancholy guide the listener into a land where colors, shapes and landscapes take slowly life.

After the EPs So I can feel through the trees, A day in my room and various collaborations, last summer he created Nothing Lighter, in which guitars, e-bow, delay, reverbs, field recordings and sometimes vocals, develop a dialogue that engages the listener into enlightening visions and memories. Rooms Delayed conceives a real soundscape in which, beyond the sense of space and time, elements become instruments of perception towards a new inner vision where we will freely wander. From a collaboration with musician and singer Cristina Pullano, he gave birth to the first single release Mia (featuring a video directed by videomaker Domenico Bizarro) and Suspicious Mind, while the other three tracks are purely instrumental.

The music describes a series of images consisting of revealing patterns of half-forgotten memories. It creates an atmosphere full of lightness and depth at the same time. This soundscape brings the listener into spaces where the dimensions change depending on each one’s sensitivity and become tools of perception towards new visions in which one can easily surrender. In this EP, built on hypnotizing melodies and field recordings, Rooms Delayed carries out emotional research through a constellation of reverbs, which paint dreamlike and evocative sound environments. Ultimately Nothing Lighter is a moment of suspension, the hope that something new and unexpected can happen in one breath.