Dystopia’s debut album ‘The Wisdom of Insecurity’ combined potent, lyrical storytelling with evocative soundscapes consisting of ambient, classical and world influences. This album was the first release on Monkey Records in the year 2000 and features spoken word artist Liz Maw reading poetry, label founder Nigel Braddock playing keyboards and Shinya Asakura playing sitar and programming.

Liz Maw’s poetry addresses philosophical questions concerning life, death, nature and religion with unflinching honesty and often the blackest of humour whilst the musicians weave atmospheric and evocative tapestries of sound.

When Shinya returned to his native Tokyo, Rob Croft took over on sitar and percussion, Gerhard Lottermoser joined as guitarist and Josephine provided backing vocals. This lineup features on Dystopia’s second release which was recorded live to air at Auckland’s student radio station bfm in 2002 when the band produced an electrifying, haunting set to a bemused lunchtime student radio audience.

Their long-awaited second studio album, Rough Art of the Spiritual was released in February 2018 on very limited edition clear and black vinyl.