Charity Children – Fare Thee Well music video

Fare Thee Well is the third single and video from the debut album The Autumn Came by Berlin-based indie folk band Charity Children. The heart-breaking lyrics for the song are adapted from a 17th Century anonymous poem in The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs whereby somebody mourns the loss of their dearest friend by drowning.

The music video, in a thoroughly modern take on the theme of loss directed by Sander Houtkruijer, is a love story gone wrong between an online stalker and a night-life personality looking for a friend. It focuses on two outsiders, and the unlikely events that unfold in a dark Berlin night.

Charity Children have come a long way since founding members Chloë Lewer and Elliott McKee arrived in Germany’s capital from New Zealand three years ago and started busking. Since then they have recorded their debut album, signed a publishing deal, been picked up by Melt Booking, toured in Germany playing to soldout venues and have featured at some of Europe’s most prestigious summer festivals. Singing folk songs of joy and melancholy, Charity Children’s raw energy and enchanting melodies have captured the hearts of many and despite recent success they can still often be found on street corners in Berlin enchanting passersby with their heartfelt and infectious music.

Director Sander Houtkruijer is an acclaimed visual artist and filmmaker living in Berlin. He is best known for his video for Asif Avidan’s hit One Day/Reckoning Song (Wankelnut remix) which has garnered over 130 million views on YouTube. One of the main characters from that video features as the love interest in the clip for Fare Thee Well.

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