Free copy of Charity Children’s Fabel with The Autumn Came


“Growing up in the 90’s, a few years before the internet, we remember the crazy little things called ‘chain letters’. These letters would travel all over the world, from person to person, post box to post box – promising willing participants a future of love and fortune and threatening non-participants with heartbreak and poverty. They were horrible things really- but these childhood memories gave us an idea. If letters based on fear and superstition could travel the world, could our music of joy and melancholy do the same?” Charity Children.

We have a limited number of copies of the chain letter version of Charity Children’s new album, Fabel (2015) to give away when you buy the CD of their first album The Autumn Came. The Fabel package includes CD in hard cover book form and download code. The band would like you to first download/copy the music, write something in the book and then mail it on to somebody. But of course that’s not compulsory

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