Graveyard Love – Me I’m Not Myself Music Video

“Me I’m Not Myself” is the music video for the new single release (and Monkey Records debut) by Auckland, New Zealand based artist Graveyard Love.

This video was made in one weekend in October. On a Friday night while drinking in a bar somewhere in Auckland word was received that a $30,000 camera was available for the weekend. Following a few phone calls, a sick call for work and more alcohol, the video was underway.

The Armageddon expo was on and with this in mind the theme of dissociation and alienation began to unfold. The lead was to be chased by a faceless assailant and then manages to utilise a zombie make-up stand to help blend in with the crowds to assist escape.

The two lead characters (different versions of the same actor) were emphasising the spilt of the individual. Furthermore, the use of Armageddon (a science fiction and comic expo) is further giving reference to alienation and disconnectedness (i.e. escapism).

The final scene, played out in 200fps, is the crowning glory of the video. The lead is drenched in rain as he meets an untimely end. From the forthcoming EP, Disassociate.

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