Introducing Francesco Giannico & Theo Allegretti’s project Flow Signs


The project “Flow Signs” was born by the encounter of Francesco Giannico, electroacoustic musician and video artist, with Theo Allegretti, ambient-jazz pianist and composer, based on a common poetic and musical sensibility that favours natural landscapes, surreal environments and interior worlds. Preorder the album here and watch the dreamlike music video for the first single At Sunset here.

Their Concept of the project “Flow Signs” is presented as follows:
The flow can catapult us into a mental state of conscious unawareness, as though being swept away by a current of water and similarly Giannico (laptop, field recordings, objects, guitar) and Allegretti (grand piano, prepared piano), with a diversity of expressive approach, reach a mediation creating a single cinematic and visionary stream.

The album was recorded in the countryside of Rome early 2013 with both artists favouring an intuitive and improvised approach in order to maintain a certain freshness of the compositions, always sharing any necessary rearrangements and trying again until they achieve the desired result. Afterwards. at the home studio of Francesco, they shared all the subsequent phases about collecting sounds, arranging, and so on, until the final stage of mixing.

Somehow, although the improvisation occupies much of the work, you feel magically emerging an articulation of sounds forming a harmonious whole that perhaps cannot be expressed otherwise. Figuratively, it seems as if Francesco defines a space in which the different sounds create a physical environment and within this Theo articulates the stream of consciousness evoked by a piano that expresses a thought without words.

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