Choam Nomsky – You’ll Never Know

The debut single from Berlin-based producer Choam Nomsky is an atmospheric slice of melodic techno. Choam Nomsky is one of the musical aliases of Monkey Records founder, Nigel Braddock.

Originally from New Zealand, he has been based in Berlin since 2010 and also makes music as Broad Oak as well as playing in The Mung Beings, Cosmo and the Cosmonaut and The Tellurians. The mesmerising music video features drone footage from the Arctic circle sourced from

Special thanks to the following filmmakers:
Tom Fisk
Yaroslav Shuraev
Mikhail Nilov
Jozef Papp

Also many thanks to:
Ruvim Miksanskiy
Stefan Orinaldo
Harrison Haines
Nadezhda Moryak
Arthouse Studio
Olia Danilevich
Maksim Goncharenok
Adrien Jacta
Motion Media

Edited by Nigel Braddock