Robin Pahlman – Miss Lonelyhearts

Miss Lonelyhearts is the endearing first single from Robin Pahlman’s self-titled debut EP which will be released mid November.

Following the breakup of his long-term band, Finnish songwriter Robin Pahlman cut the strings on his electric guitar and moved to Seattle, WA. By chance, he found an old, beat up acoustic guitar at the flea market. Inspired by the instrument’s quirks and limitations, he challenged himself to step out of his musical comfort zone in order to take his songwriting to the next level. While studying literature and mapping out the city and the breathtakingly beautiful nature of the Pacific Northwest on foot, songs about space, place, and travel were born.

Robin currently lives in Vienna, Austria, where he spends his time drinking coffee, recording music in his humble home studio, and regretting the fact that he can’t grow a full beard.