Graveyard Love – Dance Dark at the Dead Disco music video

Dance Dark at the Dead Disco is the second single to be released from Graveyard Love’s forthcoming EP, Disassociate. Preorder here

This music video features a mixture of subtle horror and prom movie references made on a shoestring budget in a nondescript hall somewhere in West Auckland, New Zealand.

With themes and ideas pulled from Thriller, Kairo Ghost and Silent Hill through to 80’s prom movies and Nena’s ’99 Luftballons’ this video draws from many influences. The ‘dead disco’ is intended to be anywhere, be it a hall, a gym, a church or simply memory of your first intermediate school dance. As the silhouetted band play as a back drop to beautiful but ghoulish dances, the driving bass and drums of this song create haunting but danceable arrangement of visuals and sound. The song “Dance Dark at the Dead Disco” in itself seems to be a homage to grinding zombie flicks and that desolate memory of vacant halls when everyone’s gone. While this video references the cliche, it does so in a slightly ironic manner; remaining genuine enough to convey the dark tonality of the song and in Graveyard Love’s music.

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