Luke Hurley


Luke Hurley is a living legend in New Zealand music. He has been writing, recording and playing in Aotearoa since 1970.

Currently based in Auckland, Luke has travelled widely in the past throughout New Zealand and Europe playing festivals, pubs, cafes and private parties. In the past he has toured with iconic singer/songwriters Michelle Shocked and Marianne Faithful.

Luke stands out from the crowd both for his incisive, insightful lyrics – on topics ranging from the meaning of life to the search for a good cup of tea – and his unique and powerful guitar technique.

Luke’s live performances and 8 studio albums have won him fans around New Zealand and the world. Several of his songs such as “Mona Lisa”, “2 Degrees Out” and “Reha” have achieved Kiwi anthem status.

Luke Hurley has developed as a highly accomplished singer songwriter over the last 25 years. Thousands of New Zealanders and many fans from abroad have followed Luke’s original technique. Luke never ceases to continue playing, his guitars and studies reflect a meaningful journey; uncovering and challenging the most oppressive barriers consumer culture places into today’s pop culture.

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