Nigel Braddock shares stunning video for his piano piece Unfolding

Featuring stunning black and white timelapse footage by Colombian filmmaker Cesar A Ramirez V Traphitho, Unfolding is the new single from Berlin-based neoclassical pianist Nigel Braddock.

Although it’s the second single he’s released, Unfolding was the first piece Braddock had written for solo piano in over ten years. “I’d been busy writing and producing for multiple other projects and neglecting my piano stuff. In December 2022, I sat down¬† to try and write a new piece every day. I decided to begin with just one note and Unfolding was the result.” In the following sixteen days, he wrote as many pieces which he intends to release in the coming months.

Braddock’s other projects are Broad Oak, The Mung Beings,¬†Cosmo and the Cosmonaut (with his son), Choam Nomsky, The Tellurians and Dystopia.

As well as producing his own projects, he has also produced albums for other artists on his label including John White, Charity Children and Ishta.

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